8 Crucial Questions To Ask An Online Auto Parts Supplier

June 2, 2022

8 Crucial Questions To Ask An Online Auto Parts Supplier

There isn’t a thing that you cannot purchase online in the current era. From food to clothes, makeup, groceries, jewelry, furniture, cars, and even houses, everything is available with just a click. Undeniably, digitalization has made the purchasing process very convenient.

A few decades ago, purchasing commodities from abroad was a big deal: it required a lot of time, money, and annoying paperwork. However, today you can simply open any online store and easily place an order for whatever you are looking for in any part of the world from the comfort of your home.

However, things become trickier when purchasing technically complex items such as machines or auto parts. If you are not cautious enough, the online purchase process can go extremely wrong and turn out to be a waste of time and money. As an auto parts online store, we understand this problem more than anyone else. Oftentimes, numerous customers approach us and share their tales of how the auto parts they ordered were incompatible with their vehicles, and they couldn’t return them.

Here is the secret to a successful online parts purchase – clear and concise pre-purchase communication. Make an effort to keep things as unambiguous and straightforward as possible. The best way to do this is by asking as many questions as possible before purchasing any auto part online.

In order to help you in your auto parts purchasing process, we have compiled a list of essential questions you must ask any online auto parts supplier before purchasing anything from them.

1. Do You Ship To My Area?

Time is money, and wasting it is an unwise act. Imagine the pain of realizing that the store does not ship their products to your area after spending hours discussing the parts and their suitability. Therefore, before you engage in any serious negotiations, make sure the supplier ships parts to your area.

Specialised Parts is proud to be a worldwide leader and supplier of premium-grade auto parts. From oil pressure sender repair kits to rebuilt Subaru engines, we ship a variety of products worldwide.

2. Do You Sell New Or Used Parts?

When it comes to purchasing auto parts, the battle between used and new parts is neverending. While some people are okay with purchasing used parts as long as they do the job, others prefer to stick to only new parts. Therefore, before buying any part, enquire whether it is new or used.

3. Are Your Used Auto Parts Rebuilt?

Rebuilt parts are very close to new parts in terms of quality and efficiency. Surprisingly, they cost way less than new parts (but marginally a bit more than used parts). Rebuilt parts are an excellent solution for people who want new parts but can not afford them.

Hence, it is best to ask a supplier whether their used auto parts are rebuilt.

4. Do You Provide A Warranty/Guarantee On Your Parts?

As emphasized earlier, many things can go wrong when purchasing auto parts online. Accordingly, there are two ways you can protect yourself from unreliable online auto parts suppliers. The first way is to check the independent reviews of their products from reliable sites. The second way to ensure you are purchasing high-quality products is by asking the supplier whether there is any warranty or guarantee on their products. Even used and rebuilt parts come with warranties these days.

5. Is There A Minimum Order Amount?

After comprehensive scrutiny of the parts they offer and finally deciding on the best one, the last thing you would want to be held back by is the minimum order amount. The unexpected minimum order amount message that pops up when you try to finalize your order is harrowing.

Thus, ask your supplier in advance whether there is any minimum order amount. Specialised Parts places no minimum order amount restrictions on their valued clients.

6. What Is Your Return Policy?

Besides the warranty, you may also want to know whether you can return the parts in case of any problems. Hence, it is in your best interest to ask the supplier about their return policy or alternative solutions.

7. Is The Part Compatible With My Automobile?

You might know your beloved car inside out, but you are still not a technical expert. Therefore, give the supplier the necessary details of your car and ask them about the compatibility of the parts you intend to purchase.

8. Where Can I Get The Best Deals And Premium Quality Auto Parts?

Many online auto parts shops offer exciting discount deals on your products. It won’t hurt to ask your prospective supplier if there are any deals. As a reputable online auto parts online store, we offer a variety of deals on our products and services. Learn more about Specialised Parts and our amazing offerings.

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