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Air Conditioning System – Hidden Standalone Split Electric Unit – Integrated Heating and Cooling



Universal 12V Electric Air Conditioning Standalone Hidden Integrated Heating and Cooling System.

This system can be mounted virtually anywhere in your vehicle. This system is designed to work with vehicles that need to maintain that inconspicuous look and have a fully functioning integrated heating and cooling system that allows you to use it year round.

  • System fits snuggly wherever you want to place it, the vents can easily be routed to connect with existing ventilation systems or be used independently to circulate the air wherever you want to.
  • This unique 12V system runs completely independently and you do not need to have the vehicle running to get hot or cold air circulating.
  • The integrated evaporator and heating coil unit has the below characteristics:
  • 3 speed fan control,
  • Built in Evaporator and Heater Cores,
  • Variable range thermocouple temperature control,
  • Outlets that can be plumbed to blow and circulate air to wherever you desire it to.
The all-in-one Electric Compressor has the below characteristics:
  • Electric scroll compressor,
  • Fast cooling,
  • Low noise,
  • Easily accessible,
  • Durable and reliable,
  • Long life.
This is the ideal system for you if your vehicle did not come with air conditioning and heating or if you have a modified vehicle that you would like to add heating and cooling to.

We have a few different options available, and can supply additional components to suit your specific needs.

Power consumption of this unit is approximately 70 Amps – we recommend customers have an alternator, a separate battery, and a battery isolation relay that have sufficient capacity to operate this system.

Please note that this system comes as a kit that requires assembly and installation prior to leak testing and recharging with refrigerant. R134a Refrigerant capacity is 0.60 Kg (600 g)

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Ground Shipping – $200

Expedited Shipping – Please contact us for a quote.

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Ground Shipping – $200
Expedited Shipping – Please contact us for a quote.


We offer a 1 year (12 month) parts replacement warranty on all air conditioning parts.

We EXPRESSLY do not cover additional costs associated with the installation of any of our supplied parts!

Please note that in the case of a warranty claim; we reserve the right to ask for inspection and/or detailed photographs of parts supplied to determine correct installation and maintenance. This process allows us to determine the validity of a warranty claim.