Top 5 Reasons It’s Time To Replace Your Subaru Manual Transmission

December 15, 2022


Subaru’s have a manual gearbox option that is used in several automobiles ranging from the definitive model Impreza to the entirely tuned WRX STI Limited. A Subaru also includes resourceful technology like carbon-reinforced synchros or incline start assist. These enhance the execution and convenience of owning a modern manual gearbox. It contains 5 and 6 speed manual transmissions within various models along the generations.

If you have owned an automobile for a long time and are a high-speed driver, you might reach a point in your life where you would need to change your car’s manual transmission. Like other mechanical machines, a Subaru also needs a repair or replacement of parts with time, depending on the usage.

So if you ever need to replace any of your Subaru parts, make sure to buy them from a certified auto parts supplier.

If not appropriately maintained, your Subaru’s manual transmission will need to be replaced. In this blog post, we will outline the top 5 signs to help you identify that it’s time to replace your Subaru manual transmission.

Complication In Shifting Gears

Shifting gear from one to another should be a smooth process; the whole mechanism must work fixedly without any interruption. You must observe the moment when the soft shifting of gear turns into a battle of fists. The more force you require to change gear, the more it demands manual transmission replacement.

You must act quickly to research the best auto parts supplier and change the manual transmission of your Subaru, as the difficulty in shifting gears might lead to unfortunate events. Hence, be defensible and vigilant when your Subaru demands a repair.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

Your Subaru won’t work correctly if the transmission fluid keeps leaking on the road while parked. This is when your car’s manual transmission is damaged or possibly needs replacement.

Leaking transmission fluid is not something to ignore for a long time as this can severely harm your Subaru and can cause a gear to confiscate during driving or worse. You must keep an eye on red oil patches forming under your car during parking and contact a local transmission repair shop immediately.

Displeasing Smell

Your vehicle should bring you comfort and convenience instead of an uneasy ride. When you start breathing in the uncomfortable odour of your car, don’t dismiss it. Sometimes when the manual transmission needs replacement, a rubber-burning smell may reach you, making it unpleasant to drive.

This is when you must act fast to analyze the problem and understand whether you have a faulty manual transmission or need to change the oil. Ignoring the smell for a long time might lead to manual transmission rebuilding.

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Dreadful Noises

No, a car does not make screaming noises without any reason. Each new sound you hear in your vehicle means a new problem. When it comes to Subaru manual transmission, the sound becomes more and more noticeable with time if not fixed.

Every time you shift gear, you might hear awful noises that would lead to embarrassing situations. This is when you should realize that your Subaru transmission needs assistance. Instead of grabbing attention from people around the neighbourhood with that whining sound, think about taking your car to a transmission repair shop.

Your Transmission Is Overheating

Most manual transmissions are blown due to overheating. While driving a Subaru, the metal parts of your manual transmission system are in continuous contact with each other. This results in friction that turns into excessive heat when there is insufficient fluid for lubrication. When the manual transmission overheats, it produces an unmistakably burnt odour and can lead to a blown transmission if you don’t refill the fluid immediately.

If the manual transmission overheats the front wheel, you will presumably sense this warmth between you and the passenger seat from the gearshift box. Hence, you must consider your Subaru for a thorough checkup and look out for a blown transmission to protect yourself and your loved ones from future mishaps.

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