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Welcome to Specialised Parts, home of Kuks Shop. We offer various services, including the ones below.

Our Services
We Offer Ready-To-Buy Automotive Parts

At Specialised Parts, we offer ready-to-buy latest stock car parts online and onsite to our clients all over the world. From Oil Pressure Sender Repair Kits to Led Low Beam Headlamp Upgrades, we supply all sorts of car parts.

Engine and Transmission Rebuilding

Get Your Vehicle Engine & Transmission Rebuilt By Professionals

Repairing and rebuilding the engine of a vehicle is a very technical job that only professionals can do. The transmission and engine are complex parts of a vehicle as these parts use software and hardware technology for seamless operations. Hence, diagnosing a problem within the engine and transmission is very complicated. Each issue points to another underlying issue.

The engine is an integral part of your vehicle and should be kept in prime condition, a minor problem with the engine, if left untreated, can lead to a vehicle breakdown. So if you are facing problems with the engine or transmission of your vehicle, trust Specialised Parts to fix it. We have trained certified technicians and mechanics who will help you find the best solution and can even rebuild your vehicle’s entire engine and transmission.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional

  • Increase the lifespan of your vehicle
  • Give you peace of mind
  • Improve the performance of your vehicle

Supplying, Selling & Sourcing Auto Parts

We Supply, Sell & Source Premium Auto Parts

At Specialised Parts, we source, supply and sell high-quality automotive parts. Each vehicle is built with various parts. If one car part gets damaged it can lead to a vehicle breakdown. For a vehicle to function properly, all automotive parts need to be in good working condition.

We know how intricate car parts are and how important their well being is. Hence, we build automotive parts with high-quality materials and the latest technologies. We don’t compromise on quality and this is the main reason we have garnered the trust and confidence of countless clients.

Hence, if you are looking for premium auto parts then look no further. At Specialised Parts, we never compromise on quality as it is our prime goal to provide highly durable and long-lasting automotive parts to our customers. We are a certified automotive part manufacturer, our trained technicians build car parts with the latest technologies and supreme quality materials

Benefits Of Buying Auto Parts From Certified Auto Parts Suppliers

  • You will be able to get authentic and original parts.
  • Auto parts will be long-lasting and durable.
  • You will get car parts at a reasonable price.

Extensive On And Off Vehicle Diagnosis And Repair

We Provide Vehicle Repairs Using Industry Accredited Partners

At Specialised Parts, we have a team of experts who are trained to diagnose your vehicle to find issues. The vehicles are diagnosed in the on and off state to find issues in the engine and other parts. A vehicle having issues should be repaired immediately. Driving a vehicle that needs repairing can turn out to be hazardous for you and other people on the road.

Specialised Parts technicians can repair your auto parts and vehicle. The repairing is done with updated tools and techniques to provide a high-quality repair service. Trust our team for the deep diagnosis and repair of your vehicle.

Benefits Of Extensive Diagnosis And Repair From Specialised Parts

  • We do the diagnosis in the on and off state of the vehicle. The issues of vehicles in both states are investigated
  • Our team will repair the vehicle and do testing to ensure it is of good quality
  • Done by skilled technicians
  • We provide the auto parts used in vehicle repair

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