What Is A Short Shifter, And Why Should You Get One?

February 23, 2023


Manual transmissions used to be the most common form of transmission. The introduction of automatic transmissions in more and more vehicles has allowed people, especially new drivers, to shift towards modern gear-type transmissions that can be automatically shifted.

Nevertheless, many people still prefer a manual transmission as it gives them more control over their vehicles. Specialised Parts is a leading converted Volkswagen-running Subaru auto parts manufacturer that provides high-quality short-shifters designed with fewer components to make assembly and installation easier.

If you need to become more familiar with short shifters and the benefits it can offer, keep reading to learn all about them!

What Is A Short Shifter?

A short shifter is an accessory for your converted Volkswagen running Subaru manual transmission vehicles, such as the VW T3 and Vanagon. It is intended to modify the vehicle’s transmission gear shifting linkage system and minimize the distance a shift lever has to move in order to change gears.

As a result, it provides various benefits, such as quicker, more accurate, and precise gear changes, to enhance the vehicle’s overall performance.

What Does Specialised Parts’ Short Shifter Assembly Include?

It is essential for you to get your short shifter assembly from a reliable Volkswagen-running Subaru drivetrain auto parts manufacturer like us, as we offer the product with all the major components you need for easy assembly and installation, including:

  • Shift Rod
  • Shift Base
  • Shift Pivot Ball
  • Body Mounting Plate
  • Shift Position Selector Ball

The other essential components and adapters, like the shifter-to-shifter linkage adapter and mounting hardware, are also included in our short shifter assembly.

What Does A Short Shifter Do Exactly?

Due to the term “short shifter,” many assume it can shorten the actual lever. However, it changes the gear lever’s height and modifies the angle required to shift by making the lever’s pivot point higher.

The lever is connected to the pivot point of the gear knob. By decreasing the distance between the knob and the pivot point, you can also reduce the length you need to change the knob to shift gears.

Therefore, a short shifter is also known as a short-throw shifter.

Ultimately, quick shifting means you can accelerate your vehicle more quickly as you won’t have to waste time fiddling with the gears.

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The Benefits Of A Short Shifter

The following are the significant benefits of a short shifter:

Better Accuracy

A short shifter can significantly enhance the accuracy and precision with which you change gears. When there is less distance for the shift lever to travel, it becomes relatively easier to locate the right gear quickly and with better accuracy.

Top gear Shifting accuracy becomes even more noticeable when you make tight turns or navigate heavy traffic. It also significantly reduces the chances of making mistakes and shifting into the wrong gear.

Greater Control

Installing a short shifter allows you to expect better control over your car. You can easily keep both hands on the steering wheel while shifting as the shift lever has to travel a lesser distance.

Having greater control over your vehicle is essential in high-speed maneuvers and driving in extreme weather conditions, such as on a slippery road. Better control also means excellent driving stability and safety. A short shifter allows the drivers to have maximum control of their vehicle while also complying with regulations related to vehicle transmissions.

Quick Installation

We have designed the short shifter assembly with great care to ensure you can get all the essential components in one place. By buying our short shifter assembly, you can get efficient gearshifts. The good thing is that you will get a high-quality short shifter with fewer components, making the installation process quick and easy.

About Specialised Parts

Specialised Parts is a Volkswagen-running Subaru drivetrain auto parts manufacturer and supplier. We have an extensive collection of Volkswagen-running Subaru drivetrain parts conversion auto parts, including short shifter assemblies for the VW T3, T25, and Vanagon. Our experience in the automotive parts industry allows us to manufacture high-quality parts for our customers.

Hence, if you are looking for your converted Volkswagen running Subaru drivetrain parts supplier, contact us.

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