Top 3 Signs Of Coolant Temperature Sensor Failure In A Volkswagen

January 5, 2023


Volkswagen is a preferred choice of vehicle owners nowadays due to the luxury and comfort it offers.

According to Statista, Volkswagen sold around 98,000 vehicles in Canada in 2021, which is higher than last year’s sales.

The reason for its popularity is due to the value you get from it. These vehicles offer customers comfort and convenience which have become the preferred choice.

Though Volkswagen cars come with top of the line making, it is still a machine and prone to common car problems such as transmission, oil pressure kit, and coolant temperature sensor issues. To tackle such issues, you will need to get it checked by professionals regularly and if some part stops working, get a new genuine Volkswagen auto part from an accredited auto parts shop.

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Coolant temperature sensor failure is a common problem faced by many vehicle owners; however, most people ignore this issue, which leads to severe car problems.

The coolant temperature sensor is responsible for measuring the temperature of your engine’s coolant, if it malfunctions, it will send the wrong signal, leading to severe engine problems.

So in order to avoid such problems, you should keep a close eye on the signs of coolant temperature failure and get it fixed promptly. If you are unaware of the signs, then keep on reading as in this Volkswagen guide, we will outline the top 3 symptoms of coolant temperature failure.

Decreased Gas Mileage

If your car’s performance decreases drastically, it is a clear indication that something is wrong.

Just like we humans, when we get sick, we can’t function at our 100% potential; similarly, when something with your car begins to malfunction, it will hamper the overall performance of the vehicle.

So if you notice a drastic change in your vehicle’s gas mileage or fuel economy, then it is a sign that your coolant temperature sensor is acting up.

Hence, whenever your car takes up more fuel than usual, you should get it checked by a professional, and if the coolant sensor is broken, get a new one only from an accredited Volkswagen auto parts shop.

A common mistake that most people make is that when their Volkswagen coolant temperature sensor breaks down, they buy a low-quality replacement thinking that this way they will save a lot of money, but what this actually does is that it ruins the engine.

So never make the mistake of buying a low-quality coolant sensor, as it will only lead to instances where you will have to spend thousands of dollars.

The Engine Might Overheat

Since the coolant sensor is responsible for measuring the temperature of coolant inside the engine, when it malfunctions, it does not send proper signals, which leads to engine failure or overheating.

So if your Volkswagen heats up while driving, it is a clear sign of coolant temperature sensor failure. In such instances, stop your car on the side of the road and get a new Volkswagen coolant temperature sensor from a certified auto repair shop.

Increased Emission

When the coolant temperature sensor is malfunctioning, it will send extra fuel to the engine, thinking it is cold outside, which will increase your car’s emission. Adding additional fuel to the engine will not only increase your vehicle’s emission but also decrease your engine’s efficiency.

Hence if your vehicle is producing a lot of emissions, it means the coolant temperature sensor is not working properly. The easiest way to get rid of this problem is by getting a new coolant temperature sensor from a licensed Volkswagen auto parts shop.

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