Terms And Conditions

Binding Agreement

By accessing the website https://www.specialisedparts.com you agree that the terms and conditions of use form the binding agreement between you and the National automotive parts association(NAPA), with respect to the use of the website.

If you do not wish to agree to the terms and conditions then it is advised to not use the website or the online store.


The applicable terms and conditions of the sale are the only acceptable terms (‘terms’) that govern the sales of automotive parts, by the Specialised Parts (‘seller’) on the accompanying invoice, quotation, confirmation receipt (as needed for the ‘sales confirmation’) to the buyer named on the invoice (the ‘buyer name’ on the sales confirmation).

The terms and conditions for the sale of the said goods shall prevail to the extent that they are consistent with the terms and conditions. These terms and conditions may be amended or supplemented in special cases where it is clearly written that there was the need for amendment in the conditions and is signed by the representative of the involved parties in this case ‘the buyer’ and ‘the seller’(Specialised Parts).

Shipping And Delivery

The shipping time and location are subject to the type of product you buy. For the main products like Oil Pressure Kit, High Capacity Oil Pan, and Short Shifter Assembly you can choose between the expedite(fast track delivering within 3-4 days) and the ground track (delivering within 7-14 days).

However, the shipping and delivery time is also subject to changes in the transit time for both international and domestic orders as well as the dispatch time.

Refer to shipping for a clearer understanding of our shipping policy in detail.

Refund And Return Policy

Depending on the extent of the damage or discrepancy between the shown and actual product, we may consider the return or refund for the said product.

However, in the case where the customer buys the product for a use that is not the actual use of the product, Specialised Parts is not bound to accept the return request.

You can refer to our Return And Refund page to have an in-depth understanding of our return and refund policy.

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