Using A Cylinder Head Bolt Repair Kit For Subaru And Nissan Engines

February 23, 2024

Using A Cylinder Head Bolt Repair Kit For Subaru And Nissan Engines

Are you facing the frustrating problem of stripped cylinder head bolt threads in your Subaru or Nissan engine? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many car owners encounter this issue during routine maintenance or repairs.

Fortunately, there’s a solution that can save you time and money: using a cylinder head bolt repair kit. In this blog post, we’ll explore how these kits from Volkswagen-running Subaru drivetrain auto parts manufacturer can help you easily fix stripped threads in your engine block.

Understanding Cylinder Head Bolt Repair Kit

Cylinder head bolts are the vital fasteners securing the cylinder head to the engine block, crucial for maintaining a tight seal under extreme temperatures and pressures. Unfortunately, wear and tear, corrosion, or mishandling during installation and removal can lead to stripped threads, jeopardizing the integrity of the engine.

The Importance of Cylinder Head Bolt Repair Kits

Damage to cylinder head bolts can result in severe engine issues like coolant leaks, oil leaks, loss of compression, or even complete engine failure. To combat this common problem, cylinder head bolt repair kits offer a comprehensive solution.

Key Features:

  • Compatibility: Tailored for engines using 11 mm diameter X 1.25 thread pitch cylinder head bolts.
  • Comprehensive Kit: Includes a 150 mm extra-long tap, 33 mm stainless steel inserts, a 200 mm drill bit, a drill stop, and an insert installing tool.
  • Ease of Use: Designed for simple, DIY repair with basic tools and skills, ensuring you salvage your cylinder block without the need for extensive expertise.
  • Precision: Extra-long tap and drill simplify the repair process, eliminating the need for extensions and precise measurement.

Step-By-Step Guide For Subaru And Nissan Engines

If you have a Subaru or a Nissan engine that uses 11 mm x 1.25 thread pitch cylinder head bolts, and you have stripped out the threads, you can use our cylinder head bolt repair kit to fix the problem. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Remove the cylinder head, clean the surface, and identify damaged holes.
  • Drill out old threads with a drill stop to prevent over-drilling.
  • Clean the hole and attach the tap to create new threads.
  • Select and install insert using the insert installing tool.
  • Break off the insert tang, and repeat for each damaged hole.
  • Reinstall cylinder head with original bolts, torquing to specs.

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Benefits Of Using Repair Kits

Using our cylinder head bolt repair kit has many benefits for your engine and your wallet. Here are some of the advantages of using our kit:

  • You can save money by repairing the damaged threads instead of replacing the entire cylinder block or the engine.
  • You can save time by performing the repair yourself instead of taking your vehicle to a mechanic or a machine shop.
  • You can improve the performance and reliability of your engine by restoring the proper seal and compression between the cylinder head and the engine block.
  • You can prevent further damage or leaks by using stainless steel inserts, which are more resistant to corrosion and heat than the original aluminum threads.
  • You can reuse the original cylinder head bolts, which are designed to match the specifications and dimensions of your engine.

Tips For Successful Repairs

To make sure that your repair goes smoothly and effectively, here are some tips that you should follow:

  • Before starting the repair, make sure that you have all the necessary tools and components and that you have read and understood the instructions.
  • Before drilling or tapping the holes, make sure that the cylinder block is clean and dry and that the damaged holes are clearly marked.
  • Before installing the inserts, make sure that the holes are clean and free of any metal shavings or debris and that the inserts are the right size and type for the kit.
  • After installing the inserts, make sure that they are flush or slightly below the surface of the cylinder block and that the tangs are broken off and removed.
  • After reinstalling the cylinder head, make sure that the bolts are torqued evenly and gradually and that the torque sequence and value are according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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