Salvage Your Engine With The Subaru, Nissan, And Infiniti Cylinder Head Bolts Threads Repair Kit

October 19, 2023

Salvage Your Engine With The Subaru, Nissan, And Infiniti Cylinder Head Bolts Threads Repair Kit

Are you familiar with that sinking feeling when you accidentally strip the threads on your engine’s cylinder head bolts? It’s a common headache that many car enthusiasts and mechanics encounter when removing or installing cylinder head bolts.

Fortunately, there’s a solution that can save the day and help you avoid the costly replacement of your cylinder block. As an experienced Volkswagen-running Subaru drivetrain auto parts manufacturer, we’re excited to introduce the Subaru, Nissan, and Infiniti Cylinder Head Bolts Threads Repair Kit – a game-changer for anyone looking to repair those damaged threads and restore their engine’s integrity.

The Stripped Thread Dilemma

Stripped threads on cylinder head bolts are a surprisingly common issue, and they can happen for various reasons. Over-torquing during assembly, corrosion, age-related wear and tear, or improper tools can all contribute to thread damage.

When this happens, it’s crucial to address the problem promptly to prevent further complications, such as coolant leaks, reduced engine performance, or even catastrophic engine failure.

Stripping out the threads on your engine’s cylinder head bolts can be a major setback. It can lead to expensive repairs, potential engine damage, and the frustration of not being able to enjoy your vehicle. But fear not, as we have the perfect remedy for this all-too-common issue.

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Reliable Repair Kit

Our Cylinder Head Bolts Threads Repair Kit is designed to empower both seasoned mechanics and DIY enthusiasts. You don’t need to be a professional to use it effectively. With basic tools and some essential skills, you can perform the repair yourself, saving valuable time and money.

What’s Included In The Kit?

This kit is tailored for engines that utilize the 11mm diameter x 1.25 thread pitch cylinder head bolts. We understand that precision is key when it comes to engine repairs, so we’ve included components specially designed for this application.

Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll find in the kit.

  • 15 Stainless Steel Inserts (11mm x 1.25 x 33mm): These high-quality inserts are the heart of the repair kit. They’re designed to restore the damaged threads to their original strength, ensuring a secure and lasting fix.
  • 1 Extra-Long Drill Bit (200mm): The 200mm drill bit is longer than standard ones, making it ideal for reaching deep into the cylinder head without the need for extensions. Say goodbye to the hassle of measuring and adjusting your drilling depth.
  • 1 Drill Stop: A drill stop is a handy tool that prevents you from drilling too deep, ensuring a precise and safe repair process—no more guesswork or worrying about damaging the engine further.
  • 1 Extra-Long Thread Tap (150mm): The extra-long thread tap is designed to match the inserts perfectly. Its extended length makes tapping the new threads a breeze, even in tight spaces.
  • 1 Insert Installing Tool: This tool is a valuable addition to the kit, facilitating the smooth insertion of the stainless steel inserts into the repaired threads.

Why Should You Use This Kit?

The Subaru, Nissan, and Infiniti Cylinder Head Bolts Threads Repair Kit is your lifeline when faced with stripped threads on your engine’s cylinder head bolts. Whether you’re a professional mechanic or a passionate DIYer, this kit provides the means to salvage your engine and get back on the road with confidence.

We take pride in the precision and quality of our repair kit components. The stainless steel inserts included are crafted to exact specifications, ensuring a snug fit and long-lasting repair. Stainless steel is an ideal choice because it’s corrosion-resistant, which means your repair will stand the test of time, even in challenging automotive environments.

Don’t let stripped threads bring your engine to a standstill. Invest in our repair kit today and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. Say goodbye to costly replacements and hello to a revitalized engine that’s ready to roar once more.

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